1982 born in Hall in Tirol
1996 - 1997 Higher-level secondary school for for fashion & design
1997 - 2002 VET College for Construction & Art, diploma in graphic and communications design
since 2002 working as a freelancer in graphic design for printmedia advertising
since 2004 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Art and Communication & Design and Context
2004 - 2012 University of Applied Arts Vienna, Fine Arts Painting, class of Univ.-Prof. Herzig
2005 o.Univ.-Prof. J. Kandl is leading the art class
since 2010 working as a free illustrator

art didacta 2000: nude painting, class of Hr. Resch
art didacta 2002: painting in p rogress, class of Hr. Pascu

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Markus Penz

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